Sex story about Granny Christine

         She was the neighbour of my grandmother, fat old woman, 80 years old, with huge boobs and immense ass. In the summer after the eighth grade in school, I stayed at the granny Lena place in the village. She did not have a bath and so we went to her neighbour granny Christine to take our bath. She lived alone, her husband died a decade ago, and her children have departed, and rarely visited her. At times, I caught myself on some of her strange appearance, but did not give this a meaning, believing that she simply misses her grandchildren. On that day we returned from the forest before dawn and were thoroughly tired. When granny Christine came to us and invited us for a bath, my grandmother refused, saying that she is tired and would soon go to sleep, but I wanted to lie on the shelf, in a well-heated bath and relax and so I went. I took a take a steam bath for more than an hour. I was tired, withdrew the hand and at the end, I with delight jerked my already big cock, remembering how I recently became a man, having fucked my classmate after graduating from school. When I was satisfied and was preparing to go, the door was suddenly opened and granny Christine came in naked. I unexpectedly swooped upon her directly.

         She grasped me with her hands and firmly pulled me to herself, literally pressing me to her fat stomach and large sagging boobs and I was left with no alternative, how to grasp her with hands, but my hands were not enough to embrace her body. Of course, I have seen her and my grandmother naked when I peeped on them in the bath, as well as peeping at other adult women in toilets and changing rooms, but this was the first time I was so close. She pressed over my ear with her hot lips and excitedly and gushingly whispered to me that when she lived with her husband, he had at several times a day wrapped her skirt to the back, and fucked her pussy, and ass; that after her husband's death, no one has fucked her and that she has badly missed a hot cock and that she has been repeatedly peeping on me in the bath and in the river, where I bath naked, and that today when she saw how I was jerking off, she could not contain herself and decided to beg me to fuck her at least for once. She also whispered that she would not tell anyone, and that there is nothing shameful, when there is a mutual desire.

         From such words and the incredible abundance of a female body although old, my cock stretched and rested on her plump pubis with rare grey hairs. I did not have to persuade for long and I just said that I will do anything she asks. She happily lamented and began kissing me randomly on the face, neck, shoulders, chest, stomach. She with groaning fell to her knees and avidly swallowed my cock to its very base, and she began to milk dry it with her creasy mouth. From such fantastic caress, it seemed to me that my trunk stretched the more and became thicker. Having sucked my penis, granny Christine said that I will not be comfortable with her pussy, because it is too big and it has become flabby and loose due to lack of fucking, but her ass I would enjoy it. I was thrown into heat from such prospects. What would a woman, although old, who herself requested me to fuck her ass?

         I could not imagine this! Granny Christine got up on all fours, and turned to me her huge ass. Having soaped the hole of her decently developed anus with hand and slide apart the boulders of her buttocks to the limit, she said: "Fuck me fast! I can't bear it anymore!" I attached myself between her widely stretched legs and with a swing pushed my cock into her ass. My cock penetrated like with oil on full length, and granny Christine screamed, groaned, and was thoroughly shaken in orgasm convulsion. She lamented in an old woman's way and begged me to fuck her in the ass till death. I began to move quickly in her spacious tunnel. At first I thought I will not feel anything beyond the natural. Her anus was severely stretched. Granny Christine later disclosed that her husband had a very big cock, and that his male friends use to jokingly call him "three-legged". Even after his death, she often thrust thick spade handle deep into her ass and stoked them until she is exhausted.

         When the old woman finished experiencing the first wave of orgasm, she decided to show all that her insatiable ass is capable of doing. Her anus in an instant changed, it was as if it revived, fluctuated in width and depth. I just lost my breath from the incredible sharp and sweet sensations. Her straight tunnel to a sweet pain compressed my cock in the entire length, the compression wave ran along the length of my trunk, then she began to massage only the head of my cock, and then started to suck and tighten it as not like every experienced fellationist will do with the mouth. I wanted to indefinitely feel this pleasure, but due to my inexperienced age, I did not even know how to control myself and after five minutes, I started to strike like a mad person on soft cushions, I profusely reached the climax of orgasm. Feeling how her ass is being filled with young sperm, granny Christine began to shake, she began to howl very loud and began as a young wag its tremendous asshole, continuing her straight tunnel and milk dried penis to the last drop. Her huge boobs sagged down to the floor and quiver as two full cow's udder.

         Having cummed, we fell down on the floor and I gagging on this soft living "feather-bed". When I woke up after twenty minutes, granny Christine still laid under me weak-willed with white mountain. My cock has already jumped out of her bum and comfortably attached itself in her hollow between her buttocks. She smiled like a thoroughly fucked woman. I held a hand over her sweaty white buttocks and they began to flutter like a large white jelly. The appearance of this heavily fluttered bum aroused me that my cock instantly stretched. I slide apart the old fatty buttocks and drove in my trunk slick with sperm into her anus. Granny Christine immediately woke up, and with delight began to moan, groan and started her skilful game with muscles of the anus. It was just fantastic! At this time, I lasted ten minutes and then splashed out all to the last drop into her bottomless ass. We finished together, she again was sobbing and screaming.

         Since then, granny Christine began to complain even more often to my grandmother on her health about the heart, the legs, then back and requested that she let me go to her for help. My grandmother without suspecting anything, of course, released me to her neighbour and old friend. I went to granny Christine. She locked the gates and doors, and the orgy began. I fucked her where and how I wanted. She wonderfully sucked, skilfully jerked my cock by clamping it between her huge soft boobs, thighs, under the arm, between the buttocks. I tried several times to fuck her pussy, but it was really incredibly big, flabby and sagging, and I did not feel any sensations. At the request of granny Christine, I tuck in her hand, she easily entered on the elbow and fingers and I massaged her pussy, from which she heavily was finished! Basically, we, of course, engaged in anal sex, in that she was an expert, despite her advanced age.

         She did so, that I always wanted it repeatedly. She taught me to hold myself and now I was able to enjoy her matchless bum without releasing, and bringing herself and myself to unconsciousness. When we rested after another insane anal fucking, granny Christine told me that she has been practising anal sex since she was 10 years old.

         In the early 30's she with her mother and six younger brothers and sisters lived in the Volga region. The father was killed in the civil war and they lived from hand to mouth.

         That year there was a poor harvest and the whole family could just die from starvation. The only solution was to earn money using your own body. Her mother, emaciated with hard work, but could not attract anyone to her female "charms", even no one wanted to give her in the mouth. All hope was on Christine. At the age of 10, she was big and was an already well-developed teenager. People thought she was 14-15 years. Her mother "prepared" her for men. At first, her mother forced her to go about with a thick stick in her bun. In the beginning it was very painful, but each time become easier and easier. Her mother taught Christine to rub herself in front this time. It was a pleasure and distraction from the discomfort at her buttocks. On the third day, when her buttocks was slightly stretched and her mother was able to insert her 3 fingers into it, the mother went to the bars to search for men on the street willing to tender a girl's body, but with one condition that they will fuck only the ass or mouth.

         A man of 60 years old was found in the evening, he had a short but thick cock. They agreed on a loaf of bread and a couple of kilograms of.

         His mother brought him to their den with a single trestle bed. She brought and undressed Christine. A man hemmed with satisfaction and the mother soaped her daughter's anus hole, made a sign of the cross, and went outside the curtain, where the other six hungry kids sat on the floor. The man stripped naked, took his cock on the hand and told her to suck it. Christine for the first saw a naked man, but remembered her mother's instructions, and came up, stood up on his knees and took the cock in the arm and began to lick it like a candy. A cock became hard, but did not increase in size. Christine swallowed in into her mouth and licked it with lips. The man began to moan and distanced himself from her, and told her to lie on the trestle-bed. Christine obediently lay on her stomach and opened her legs. She used one hand to move apart her buttocks, and with the other began to rub her pussy, at the same time covering it.

         A man grasped her immediately with his entire body, and hammered his trunk into her ass. The ready anus not long resisted the skilful onslaught and now the whole cock was inside her bum. The lively, warm and elastic cock was just hot. When the man began to move his penis, Christine felt creepy all over, it was very warm and pleasant and to extend this feeling, she instinctively started moving her buttocks toward the incoming cock. The man carried on for ten minutes and these minutes were the first ten minutes of her woman's happiness. When the man lowered her bum and tears with her, she wanted it to continue and was not happy it all ended so quickly. She liked it so much that she was now ready to fuck all day and all night. The man pulled out from a bag two tasty loaves of bread with cereals, put everything on the table, dressed up and left. Her mother, with tears in her eyes, started to comfort her daughter, but on the reverse, the daughter started comforting her mother, telling her that it did not hurt her and that she is ready now to meet the next man. The mother hugged her and asked for forgiveness. Christine also hugged her mother and was happy for two reasons, the first -now as an adult, she can help her mother and younger brothers and sisters, and the second - that it has opened a new world of immense pleasure.

         That evening, the mother did not go anywhere. She prepared an imperial dinner and the first piece of bread and a plate of oatmeal was given to Christine. And so it began: the mother searched for customers, and the daughter gratified them. Christine has learned how to suck very well, and any woman might envy how she move her bum during sex. Men always remained satisfied. There were days when there weren't clients but more often there were about 2 -3 clients a day. There were the old and young, thin and fat, Russian, Ukrainians, Tatars, Caucasians. One day, the mother agreed with one Armenian, and he came with two friends, also Armenians. The mother initially did not want to allow them in, but they brought with them a lot of food and vodka, and they were decent-looking and polite, and brought a lot of money in advance, so the mother agreed to let them in. They had a lot of drinking and laughing. Christine first tried vodka and then spit out. After a while they began to fuck Christine at the ass and mouth one by one. They had a very big cock and they could hardly insert it into her mouth and ass, but this didn't scare Christine, but only brought even more pleasure. Through the pain - it was sweeter than a normal sex. When all of them has finished cumming on her bum, the mother wanted to send them packing, but they were infuriated, tore her clothes and three of them started to rape her. Two held her, and the third began to thrust his enormous cock into her ass.

         The mother has not slept with men for many years, and her husband has fucked her just for some few times when he is drunk, so her ass was just torn by this mighty cock. She shouted like someone being cut, but they continued and continued to fuck her. Christine tried to defend her, but she was showed a knife and she ran to a corner, and waited for her turn. The evil three swagger all night and all the next day. They had phenomenal potency, their cocks almost did not fall and they all this time with a few drinking breaks, fucked the mother and daughter in the ass. For the women, by noon they had no power left to cry or scream or move. They like weak-willed dolls lie on the couch, compliantly accepting their enormously unwrapped ass by the insatiable Caucasian cocks. They left around midnight, and Christine and her mother still stay in bed for a day after their departure. After that, her mother fell ill, it seems that she was infected through a rupture, while Christine surprisingly did not have any rupture, but her ass was severely stretched and now she a hole of 5 cm in diameter that never closes. Now Christine had to search for customers herself. Many were surprised having seen the huge hole in her ass and refused to fuck her but agreed only for her to suck them, but this fetched very little money.

         Christine all the time tried, as much as possible to compress the muscle of her anus so as to close the hole and a month later, she suddenly felt that it can control the muscles of her rectum. Her mother recovered, but now never allowed more than one client at a time. Christine, learning new techniques, has become even stronger to experience pleasure, and now she herself wanted for several times a day feel in her ass a strong cock, and men were simply delighted of her bum and were willing to pay double so as to at least feel this bliss. So in that way, Christine and her family survived in those terrible years of hunger. After they moved to Ukraine, where Christine and her brothers and sisters went to school. She lost her virginity in the eighth grade in school with her first love. The boy could not imagine that her "innocent" girlfriend has been fucked both in the ass and mouth several thousand men in Volga region. When the war started, they were not able to evacuate and were occupied by the Germans in the territory. Christine like many other healthy young men and women were sent to Germany to work and she never saw her family again. They were carried in cattle wagons for a long, almost half months. Every evening, the guards selected ten boys and girls and took them to thier wagon "for a dances".

         Everyone knew what the dances are after the return of the first party. Guys and girls stripped naked, gramophone was switched on and they were forced to closely nuzzle each other, dancing a waltz, and at that time, the guards had supper and drank schnapps and roared with laughter. If the cock of any of the guys rose, his partner had to suck it and continue dancing. When the guard reaches the desired condition, they put everyone sideways and started in a circle to rape them indiscriminately both girls and boys. Anyone who resisted was beaten, tired up and raped even more harshly. Those who committed an offence were left in the car by the guards for the next "dance" and the next day, they were beaten, humiliated and raped. Upon arrival in Germany all of them were distributed: some were sent to farms, some to the factories, and the most handsome and beautiful girls, including Christine were sent to a mobile brothel. There were Russian, Ukrainian, and Polish, French and Belgian women and the whole Europe. There was a lesbian, although if a fan of her shabby "charm" was found, then because of the fanatical love of the Fuhrer and the army, she was ready as long as possible give her mouth, pussy and ass for the cocks of the true Aryans, seeing in it their duty to the great Germany.

         They travelled on the garrison and served soldiers and officers. For two years, Christine learned so much about sex and men, which she could not have learned if she was living at home. Shortly after their arrival, Christine's passion and skill in anal sex was discovered and after a few lessons from the French, she became a matchless beacon of the brothel in the form of sex. In summer 1943, when the brothel served front-line garrisons in Belarus, they came under bombing and she managed to escape.

         Having strayed three days in the forests, she came across a guerrilla intelligence with which she came to the brigade.

         She was sent to the kitchen to help a fat cook. The brigade was big, there were about 200 people but only two women before Christine's coming: one of them was a doctor - wife of a brigade commander and the second one - a cook granny Tosya. War is war but a man is a man. Everybody had wanted the doctor for a long time but couldn't dare to harass but granny Tosya was lonely, all her family was shot in 1941. And in spite of the fact that she could be a mother or even a grandmother for somebody she was a Belorussian broad and felt sorry for men and didn't refuse anybody neither a youth nor an old man. Because for someone she was the last woman in the world and for someone was the first and the last. It must be confessed that she liked to hug with men but it was too difficult to lie in the forest and besides there were so many of them for her. All should be done quickly. If they are free of orders they go to granny Tosya in the group of ten. They help her in the kitchen and go to her dugout together. Five of them enter and the last five are waiting near the door. They decide quickly what of her breasts will be for whom and start. The first lied and she sat on his cock with her flabby pussy of an old woman, the second one inserted into her fat wrinkled ass, the third one - in her mouth and the fourth and the fifth were jerked with her horny rough hands. So she relaxed five men at once. Everything quickly.

         She didn't even dress off and didn't put off her boots, she only raised the hem of the skirt (there was no panties) because there were another five waiting. All knew everything but no one said anything and granny Tosya was respected. Even commissar and officer of the special department went to her place at night but one by one. An officer of the special department liked to fuck her in her fat old ass, sometimes didn't stop for a whole night, poked about in her rectum with his great cock.

         Granny Tosya after such nights walked bow-legged and didn't allow anyone to come up to her. Men swore and called such days "period of an officer of the special department". When Christine came it became much easier for granny Tosya both with kitchen and men. She told her everything but Christine didn't even refuse or confuse and they became to help men by turn. The officer of the special department having tried Christine's ass didn't fuck with cook any more but she didn't felt upset. He became Christine's husband but after the war and almost two years before the war's end, she worked in the kitchen in the brigade. After the wedding they came to this country and lived there for the whole life. Her husband had a very high potency and wanted to fuck 3-4 times a day. Christine was always "for" and gave him her insatiable ass with pleasure. Whorehouse and partisans stretched out her pussy, which left a big one, but during anal sex she came to an ecstasy by herself and brought in it her husband or any other man who was lucky to penetrate it. I was convinced of this any time I inserted my cock in granny Christine's ass.

         Our relationship endured 7 years before my graduation from the institute and going into army. In spite of the fact that I had a friend-girl in a town that was regularly fucked by me I spent all my holidays in the country and during an academic year when it was possible came to my grandmother and met granny Christine by all means. She and her insatiable ass were glad for me. As soon as she saw me she stopped all her things, embraced me toughly, stood on her knees and having lowered the trousers began to suck my too big cock. As soon as I was ready I turned her round and inserted my thing between her bare old buttocks. After an hour of infuriated fucking we rested, drank tea and talked naked because sometimes not even drank the first cup of tea I attacked her again and inserted my cock into her wonderful ass. And it was true that after a year of our relationship maybe because of her fine endearment or because of something else my cock started to grow both in width and in length and satisfying my old fat lover. In about two years later, according to her my cock was bigger than the cock of her dead husband.

         And I decided to insert it in the great pussy of granny Christine and it was like a miracle, I got her uterus and shredded it that she didn't allow me to fuck her pussy anymore. No one both young and old women couldn't accept my thing into her pussy and to talk of the ass was excluded. Because of that I couldn't find a girlfriend in the town except one. With her beautiful face and wonderful body her pussy and ass were hypertrophied developed and my size didn't embarrass but even satisfied her. She had some men with normal cocks before me and not any of them could satisfy her. Though people say that size is not important for women but in our case it played a decisive role. In anal sex she couldn't be compare with granny Christine but in the rest we could understand each other.

         When I was in the army I received a letter that granny Christine died. I couldn't accept her death for a long time. Even now after many years I'm ready to jerk days and nights remembering her incredible and skillful ass. Monuments need to be erected for such ASSES!

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